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Why Emu Miracles?

We have a wide range of products from aimed at skin repair to general moisturizers to specific solutions for babies or the allergen-sensitive, to cleansers and handmade skin care, all made with naturally derived emu oil.  The people working for us have worked with us for years, some since the beginning of our business. What we have here at Emu Miracles is a history of experiences. None of our employees recite sales spills but they can give you their account of personal experiences with our products. Our oil is processed by us via molecular distillation in house without any chemical solvents or extractants.  No middlemen here. Our goal is not really to sell you on any product but to help you find more natural solutions. Many of our customers try our products and tell their friends and neighbors because our products worked for them. Word of mouth advertising is our primary source of advertising. Customers write their own ad by telling their experience.

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